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Bay Area residents can enjoy a temporary respite from the typically unpredictable spring weather, with a warm and sunny forecast for the week. The National Weather Service in San Francisco predicts “temperatures near seasonal normals today” and a rising trend leading into midweek, with Wednesday and Thursday temperatures expected to soar 10-15 degrees above average.

This brief bout of sunshine, however, is set to end as a new storm system looms on the horizon. After soaking in the warmth, San Franciscans should brace themselves for a significant shift. “Wet weather expected once again by this weekend,” the NWS notes, forecasting a return to cooler and damper conditions by Friday. Those with plans penned for this weekend’s outdoor leisure might find their engagements washed by a bullish rainfall, the NWS presaged, although major flooding concerns remain at bay.

The immediate upside to the clear skies is a celestial treat—a partial solar eclipse that will grace the skies around 11:16 a.m. local time today, according to the NWS forecast. The service reminds viewers to use proper eye protection or alternative viewing methods, such as the quaint shadows cast by tree leaves, to safely witness this event. For those desiring a direct view, the NWS suggests tuning into NASA’s live coverage.

Boasting a high near 69 degrees, Tuesday gives way to a pleasant atmosphere before the heat escalates midweek, peaking near 80 degrees inland, per the forecast. For those susceptible to temperature changes, NWS forewarns “the human body can be taken by surprise with a quick warm-up such as this one,” underscoring the risk that the heat may pose to those sensitive to such fluctuations. In a tweet, @NWSBayArea nudged followers to “Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this week,” before hinting toward the “more rain Fri-Sat.”

As the week progresses, the extended weather forecast suggests inhabitants will bask in an array of cloudless nights and sunny days leading up to the onset of precipitation. “A slight chance of rain after midnight” on Friday foreshadows the weekend’s downturn and echoes the consensus provided by meteorological models, pointing toward a wetter conclusion to the otherwise unseasonably warm week.

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