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It was a once in a generation event, and MOSI was the place to be.

Hundreds gathered at the Museum of Science and Industry in Temple Terrace to watch the eclipse unfold.

“I was never that into science,” said Gina Stinson, who visited from Sarasota to spend the afternoon with her grandchildren at MOSI. “But now my grandson just loves planets and the sun.”

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Using special sun safe telescopes set up by MOSI in their science garden, 900 people witnessed the first total solar eclipse since 2017 and the only one until 2044.

While some in the US got to see a 100 percent eclipse, the view in Tampa was only sixty percent.

Still, it was enough to see the moon partially shadowing the sun, and for the sky to darken slightly.

“Just glad to be a part of it,” said Brian Buttafuco of Lutz, who set up a telescope that projected an image of the sun into a sheet of photo paper. “And sharing that with others, that’s icing on the cake.”

But even without a telescope, the shaded sun delighted star gazers, who used special glasses to see the magic moment, when our moon, sun and earth aligned just so.

“It’s so cool,” said Easton Williams, 7. “Usually you think the sun is bigger than the moon.”

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“It’s been a pleasure,” said Shaniqua Peters of Tampa. “It has been amazing to just spend this time with my children. I guess this is my first eclipse so it’s going to be memorable.”

MOSI argues this moment is remarkable because it allows for the teaching of science in the most hands on way possible.

“It’s a great way to get families together, talking science, asking questions, and just being curious,” said Janet White of MOSI.

It’s impossible to ever step foot on the Sun, but today, it felt like it was closer than ever, especially at MOSI.

“It’s pretty neat experience,” said Yaya Pichardo of Tampa. “It will create a core memory for them growing up. They’re going to be 29 when they see it again. The magic and the awe of the experience, and its science.”

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