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Across the region and around the country, millions of people managed to look skyward safely, gathering in groups to take in Monday’s solar eclipse, along a path of totality arcing from Texas through Maine, or partial paths that included much more of the country.

According to the Associated Press, fifteen U.S. states get a chance to see the full eclipse, although just a small bit of Tennessee and Michigan are included. The length of totality varies by location.

The moon’s shadow that falls on Earth follows along a path that is 115 miles wide. Practically everyone in North America will have a chance at catching at least a partial eclipse. The farther from the path of totality, the smaller the moon’s bite will be out of the sun.

“We’re seeing an astronomical event that can be observed for almost the entire continental United States,” Exploratorium staffer Ken Finn told The Standard late Monday morning. “On either side of that path of totality, you’re going to have 90% coverage of the sun by the moon.”

In the Bay Area, coverage of the sun peaked around 35%: “That’s a
moment to take note, and be curious and learn more.”

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