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Following a decision made by many other school boards, the four boards in the North Bay area are giving students a day off on the upcoming total solar eclipse April 8.

“The switch was made to ensure the safety of students,” the local school boards said in a joint news release.

“The eclipse will occur around dismissal time; there is concern for both traffic-related issues as there will be temporary darkness, as well as the possibility that students will try to watch the eclipse and risk damaging their eyesight.”

A professional development day for teachers previously scheduled for April 26 will now be moved to the day of the eclipse.

“April 26 will therefore be a regular school day,” the school boards said.

Here are some tips from the Canadian Association of Optometrists on how to safely watch the eclipse:

“Sunglasses, even those with a very dark tint are not sufficient protection,” CAO said.

“Staring at the sun without protection, may cause damage to your retina (the tissue at the back of your eye) called ‘solar retinopathy.’ This damage can occur without any sensation of pain. The injury can be temporary or permanent.”

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