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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government spearheads a pioneering energy endeavor in the Tokyo Bay Area, aiming to establish the globe’s most advanced energy generation and transmission infrastructure. Collaborating with SolarDuck and Everblue Technologies, Inc., the project focuses on harnessing cutting-edge renewable energy technologies. The initiative, initiated in November 2022, targets practical applications such as Japan’s premier Offshore Floating Photovoltaic (OFPV) power plant.


Amidst the evolving discourse on energy supply and demand, Tokyo emerges as a key consumption hub reliant on external power sources. The endeavor seeks to redress this reliance by fostering local renewable energy generation, particularly in the Bay Area.


Demonstration Overview:

  1. Offshore Solar Power Generation Facilities: An offshore solar power generation facility, spanning approximately 30m x 26m x 6m, will be installed in the central breakwater area. The renewable energy generated will be stored in ground batteries and then transferred to mobile batteries for powering events and electric mobility vehicles in the Takeshiba area and neighboring bay zones.

Initiatives for Local Production and Consumption:

  1. Feeding Renewable Energy to Electric Mobility: In collaboration with Open Street Corporation, a demonstration will be conducted during the “SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024” event. The event, scheduled from May 12-21, 2024, at the Tokyo Bay Sea Forest Area, will showcase the integration of offshore solar power generation equipment and feeding renewable energy to the latest electric mobility vehicles. Furthermore, on May 21, the project plans to power and navigate electric-powered vessels using renewable energy batteries.
  2. Renewable Energy Supply to Events: As part of the initiative for local production and consumption, the project aims to explore the integration of renewable energy into events held in the Takeshiba area of the Tokyo Bay region, with plans for future implementation.

Beyond its immediate objectives, the project aspires to develop a blueprint for urban models centered on local energy production and consumption, potentially applicable not only across Japan but also globally. The details of the project are anticipated to evolve in consultation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

By embracing innovation and sustainability, this collaborative effort underscores Tokyo’s commitment to pioneering solutions for energy sustainability and urban development.

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