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(KRON) — If you missed the northern lights Friday night, you might have another chance. The Space Weather Prediction Center is reporting that additional flares will impact Earth Saturday — possibly Sunday — night, according to the National Weather Service.

Auroras are caused by coronal mass ejections (CME), an eruption of solar material that can trigger geomagnetic storms as they arrive at Earth. According to the NWS, several CMEs are expected to merge and arrive at Earth on Saturday night.

This could lead to an aurora possibly becoming visible over much of the northern United States. This visibility could extend south, possibly as far south as Northern California, according to the NWS.

If you want to try and see the northern lights Saturday, the NWS recommends the following:

  • Go somewhere dark and get away from clouds — the darker the better
  • Try to find a view uncontaminated by city lights
  • Head toward higher elevation or inland areas away from the coast to escape cloud cover
  • Be patient and let your eyes adjust at least 10 minutes

Auroras can be very faint at first. The NWS advises giving it some time if you don’t see it immediately. Taking a long exposure with your camera or phone can possibly pick up something your naked eye might miss.

And make sure to look north. Due to Northern California’s latitude, the aurora will appear along the northern horizon.

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